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Experience L’Anza Healing Haircare exclusively at Maxwells in Grimsby. From your first wash to your styling and throughout your visit, L’Anza products are included in our prices with no hidden extras.

We will explain what we are using and the benefits to you and your hair and offer free samples to take home and try. L’Anza is the only haircare brand that heals damaged hair, using the highest quality ingredients and most advanced technology to heal, seal and protect the hair from inside out.

Treatments available

  • Polynesian Hydration Ritual

    Polynesian botanicals repair dry, brittle, moisture depleted hair.
  • Ultimate Treatment

    Restore health and shine with a treatment that your stylist will tailor to your hair type to guarantee the result you need.
  • Keratin Healing Oil Experience

    Restores youthful shine and health to the hair. A unique blend of botanical oils and keratin gives incredible weightless moisture, manageability and shine to your hair.
  • OLAPLEX® The original bond builder

    Our patented OLAPLEX® Bond Building Technology works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds to rejuvenate hair. It increases tensile strength and restores elasticity. Protecting the hair follicle from further breakage.
  • Fabriq – The Ultimate Smoothing Treatment

    Transforms your hair leaving it easy to manage healthy, strong and shiny. Two services will be available in the salon from January 2023 choose from Quick Fix Treatment and Reset Treatment see information below or visit for more information.
  • Quick Fix Treatment

    Stronger, healthier hair in under 30 minutes. Results last for upto one month. Choose to Rebuild or Rehydrate with an option for all hair types. Price given during consultation.
  • Reset Treatment

    Reset uses a unique blend of proteins to transform hair - leaving it smoother, straighter, stronger and easy to manage. Enjoy the difference for up to four months. Price given during consultation.